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[2010-04-24 11:30]

Lessons on Semblances in the Lettre International


Tibor Gyenis: Aunt Ilonka dreamt of a composition of pure forms (1999)

The Hungarian Lettre International Journal has published its 2010/1 Spring issue with the topic of Pécs: the city and the people and the artworks of Tibor Gyenis.

Under the title of Lessons on Semblances, Kristóf Fenyvesi wrote about the Pécs - Ars GEometrica International Convention and Workshop, Daniel Erdély′s spidron, and the artworks of István Orosz.

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[2010-04-24 10:08]

Cultic Revelations - Spectres of Hungarology

Under the title of Cultic Revelations : Studies in Modern Historical Cult Personalities and Phenomena, edited by Anssi Halmesvirta (Jyväskylä University) the 4th e-book of the Spectrum Hungarologicum is published.


Endre Tót: TÓTalJOYS / I am glad if can read newspaper, 1973/75

Download the BOOK!

Technical editors: Gergely Dusnoki and Kristóf Fenyvesi

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[2010-04-24 09:09]

After Nietzschean Narratives...

The 2nd International Nietzsche Symposium In Finland (2010 March 17-18, Jyväskylä University) received much attention. According to this year′s topic (′AFTER NIETZSCHEAN NARRATIVES: BIOGRAPHY, HISTORY, POETICS AND PHILOSOPHY′) 16 participants from 3 continents presented their papers. We are planning several publications based on the presented papers, and we are planning to continue our program in 2011.

The organizers thank to Professor GARY SHAPIRO (University of Richmond, USA), the Honorary Patron of our symposium, to Rainer J. Hanshe, the founder member of the Nietzsche Circle (New York, USA) and Sándor Vály (Helsinki) artist that they supported our event with their intellectual input and infinite enthusiasm.


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[2010-04-23 15:25]

Experience Workshop for Teachers in Miskolc city, Hungary

Artists, scholars and teachers, the members of the Experience Workshop – Movement for the Experience Centered Education of Mathematics introduced their activities on 7th April 2010 at the Institute of Education in Miskolc city (Hungary) .

Almost 100 elementary, secondary and high-school teachers enjoyed the MathArt lectures and hands-on workshops of the Experience Workshop Team by Dr. Szaniszló Bérczi Sándor Kabai, Antal Kelle, János Saxon-Szász and Zsuzsa Dárdai, Dr. Eleonóra Stettner and Ildikó Szabó.

Please see the report on the event by, here!

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[2010-03-10 12:59]

2nd International Nietzsche Symposium In Finland

The Jyväskylä University Doctoral Program of Hungarian Studies is glad to announce the 2nd International Nietzsche Symposium in Jyväskylä, Finland with the title of ′AFTER NIETZSCHEAN NARRATIVES: BIOGRAPHY, HISTORY, POETICS AND PHILOSOPHY′

Honorary Patron of the Symposium: Professor GARY SHAPIRO, University of Richmond, USA


17 March 2010

-Conference Sessions from 2 PM to 8 PM at Jyväskylä University, JT 120 Juomatehdas

18 March 2010
-Conference Sessions from 10 AM to 12 PM at Jyväskylä University, JT 120 Juomatehdas
-THE DIONYSIAN LABYRINTH: A LITERARY FESTIVAL ′AFTER NIETZSCHEAN NARRATIVES′ from 3 to 6 PM at Writer′s House (Seminaarinkatu 26 B, Jyväskylä)

Keynote speakers: Prof. TARMO KUNNAS (Jyväskylä University, Finland), RAINER J. HANSHE (The City University of New York; Nietzsche Circle, USA), Associate Prof. JARMO VALKOLA (Tallinn University, Estonia), Prof. CAMELIA ELIAS (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Presentations: PhD. Adrián BENE (Pécs University, Hungary), Anthony DURITY (National University of Ireland, Galway), Mohsen EMADI (Jyväskylä University), Kristóf FENYVESI (Jyväskylä University), Jaana JANHILA-ANTTONEN (Jyväskylä University), Sándor KLAPCSIK (Jyväskylä University), Noémi LŐRINCZ (Jyväskylä University), PhD Risto NIEMI-PYNTTÄRI (Jyväskylä University), Giovanna di ROSARIO (Jyväskylä University), Henna SEINÄLÄ (Jyväskylä University), Filip SIKORSKI (Helsinki University), Taneli VIITALA (Jyväskylä University)



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Contact and Information

Prof. Tuomo Lahdelma, Head of the Hungarian Studies Program, Jyväskylä University
Kristóf Fenyvesi, PhD Student, Hungarian Studies, Jyväskylä University
Rainer J. Hanshe, The Nietzsche Circle, USA

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