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[2011-06-16 19:17]

Zometool arrives to Zrenjanin, Serbia!

With the support of the Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement a brand new Zometool STEM modelling kit arrived to the Sonja Marinković School, Zrenjanin (Serbia)!

The holiday had just begun, but the students asked for extra days to stay in the class (!) and enjoy all the activities which possible with this fantastic educational equipment, the Zometool.

But hey Kids, have you heard about how much fun to build outdoors and try also the big Zometool Bubbleshow under the bright summer sky? Let′s ′go green′, hit the garden, and don′t forget to take the Zome with you! :)

Product information and product order information:

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[2011-06-02 22:13]

The Experience Workshop @ Eger city

Vörös László, F. Farkas Tamás, Szabó Réka, Szabó Ildikó, Nagy Lehocky Zsuzsanna, Körtesi Péter, Pálffy László, Szilassi Lajos, Nagy Gyula, Kelle Antal ArtFormer, Dirk Huylebrouck, Jouko Koskinen, Fenyvesi Kristóf, Orosz István, Kapitány András, Klein Sándor, Liptai Kálmán, Bérczi Szaniszló, Szilágyi Ibolya, Darvas György, Oláhné Téglási Ilona, Stettner Eleonóra, Lénárt István, Keresztes Dóra

On 13-14 May, 2011 the Experience Workshop MathArt Movement visited to the Eger College. Dozens of programs, games and activities offered a math-art-experience, an on-site immersion into the fun-world of mathematics and arts. Watch the Liceum Television′s film on the 1st Math-Art Festival of Eger city! (Click!)

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[2011-05-03 23:43]

The Experience Workshop @ Miskolc city







The Experience Workshop goes to the Miskolc University on 6 May, 2011.



DOWNLOAD our full program booklet in Hungarian: HERE (9,2 Mbyte, PDF).




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[2011-04-30 00:39]

Nietzsche @ Berlin


Short for a Book, Long for a Commentary: Pippin′s Nietzsche by Kristóf Fenyvesi in The Berlin Review of Books.

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[2011-04-24 19:45]

Nietzsche @ Chile

Kristóf Fenyvesi′s article Body, Epistemology, Interpretation was published in: Proceedings of The Becoming of Life International Conference. Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile, 2010.

VelazquezMars Nietzsche

Diego Velazquez: Mars, God of War

  Friedrich Nietzsche, the soldier

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