[2016-04-09 22:40]

  STEAM Education and Inclusion: Connecting Practice, Research and Theory - Participation in BERA Seminar at University of Cambridge

BERA Seminar will be organized at University of Cambridge and I will represent Bridges Organization and Experience Workshop International Math-Art Movement at in this event.

The aim of the program is to facilitate extended dialogues which connect STEAM education practices, research and theory around the notion of inclusion within/ outside schools as sites for learning. This event brings together contributors with expertise in science, mathematics, technology, arts – as educators and/or academics – and facilitators, practitioners, head teachers and community organisations who wish to further understand and explore STEAM practices and issues of inclusion while connecting theory and research. Extended dialogues will focus upon the relationship between formal ′school science′ and ′school mathematics′ as they are currently taught and the differential access to science and mathematics knowledges affecting groups inside and outside schools (the commission′s second key question) – from the perspective of science, mathematics, technology and the arts.

Please see the full program HERE!

Thanks to Pamela Burnard for the invitation!



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