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  The Bridges in San Francisco

Pécs, as the hosting city of the Bridges World Conference, introduced itself in San Francisco.

One of the largest events of the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture program, the Bridges Pécs 2010 World Conference introduced itself at the most important mathematical conference of the USA, the Joint Mathematics Meetings, to which 6000 people attended. Reza Sarhangi, the president of the Bridges Organization, introduced the short invitation film of the Bridges World Conference at the event, which is being organised in collaboration with the Pécs Cultural Centre, through which the visitors could catch a glimpse of the artistic and scientific heritage of Hungary and Pécs. The president of the organisation also spoke about his personal experiences when visiting Pécs in 2008, and also about the programs connected to the conference in Pécs.

Reza Sarhangi

Reza Sarhangi at the Pécs Ars GEometrica in 2008

Bridges Pécs 2010, hosting educational, scientific and artistic programs such as exhibitions, film, musical and theatrical performances alongside the official conference program, has many surprises in store not only for mathematical researchers. The Bridges Family Day and MathArt Fair will also be an exciting event, where people can come into contact with the works of participants coming from 30-40 different countries, and with the artists as well.

Reza Sarhangi′s report on JMM in San Francisco.


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bámulok: remek, remek csak pécsre nem kellett volna ellátogatnom közben gyakorlatilag átvették az uralmat a vak ondokok ugart ondanak a vakok a városból hol lesz így a bridges akkor nos? vegetatív csatornarendszerekben? túrónyomaték: eutropa fulltúrális kőtárosa


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