The first Hungarian ZomeTool Team

Zometool can be seen as the language of the structure of space. Space organizes itself around beautiful geometrical relationships that govern both natural and human-built structures, and Zometool translates these relationships into a simple and elegant system that enhances learning, creativity and fun. Color- and shape-coded components lead users to startling discoveries about the nature of space in 2-, 3- and higher dimensions.

Even though Zometool has been used by Nobel and Wolf Prizewinning scientists -- notably Linus Pauling, Richard Smalley (who discovered Buckyballs), and Dan Shechtman (who discovered quasicrystals) -- it was designed for kids, because kids learn new "languages" better than adults.

We hold MathArt-classes, organize interactive exhibitions, trainings for teachers and workshops for kids in various age. The members of our team are talking Hungarian, German and English.

We build giant constructions with the ZomeTool and much more: we build communities!

Invite our ZomeTool Workshop to your school, conference, exhibition, art-, science- or education event!

Contact, PRODUCT ORDER WITH DISCOUNT and information: Kristóf FENYVESI (International Coordinator)

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